1. early july i went to paris to record my new EP. it was a bit of a dream come true. y i k e s it kinda all is. music is a gift all the way everyday. ’ HERE AND NOW ’ is the title of the new EP. Maxime Sokolinski produced it. y e s s . this photo was taken as i was leaving to catch my flight to copenhagen. we realized we needed a picture to capture the adventure. the only photo i took of this journey. c r a z y but i guess i was in a daze working. four songs, four stories, four highs, four lows. all about - t o d a y is all we got tomorrow is not.

    e v e r y t h i n g HERE AND NOW.

    Release next month ! ! ! !

  2. crazy how we are

    crazy how we’re not

    crazy how we fall

    crazy are my thoughts

  4. New Video up for ‘Where it all begins’ directed by Shelby Duncan shot on Super 8 film.

    Thanks a bunch to Ladygunn for premiering it and for this awesome feature ! ! ! ! Check it out here: LADYGUNN PREMIERE 

    X O X O X

  5. at the end of the day the art is always there.

  6. but then you came into my life and made it all magical and fucked it all up ..

  7. summer dayz on canyon drive.

  8. a little something from The Standard hotel unplugged night a couple weeks ago.

  9. blurry dreams.

  10. X

  11. making it breaking it bruising it loving it.

  13. dream high , see it all .

    ( still shot from new video out very soon )

  14. last min summa show tomorrow night at The Standard hotel in hollywood land . we play at 7.30 pm .

  15. f e e l i t a l l .

    new song . new ep . coming soon . 

    recorded this baby in paris and can’t wait to share the new madness .

    very soon ! ! ! !