Majken Christensen is a Danish artist based in Los Angeles. Her debut album Dancing Mountains was released on August 25th 2017.

Majken wrote and recorded Dancing Mountains on a journey between LA’s blinding lights, the seduction of Paris and quiet times by the Nordic Fjord - where she grew up. It’s reminiscent of sixties low-fi in a pop-rock dream daze, floating in a David Lynch-esque universe with raw and emotive lyrics. A “dreamy heartbreak” as she describes it.

Majken, who’s inspirations comes from Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen, as well as wild nature and breakfast in bed, set out to write an album with a dreamy and real feel to it. She produced it in collaboration with Jesse Nolan in Los Angeles and Maxime Sokolinski in Paris.

"These songs are my stories of a troubled time, the dancing mountains in my backyard, the owls outside my window singing loud, lonely nights in a magical city, falling in love with madness, learning to appreciate every sunrise and all the waves, it’s all about the waves” says Majken.

Majken plays live with a full band (drummer Jason Ganberg and guitarist Owen Barry) who has developed her ideas into a fresh take on a classic sound. If you let her, she’ll take you on a journey in her own universe with the lead of her husky vocals and strange dance moves on stage.